Account Management
From start to finish, our dedicated account management team will work diligently to keep your project on track, on time, and on budget. This requires constant communication with you, our client, and Fusion's internal disciplines to secure and disseminate vital information, and ensure critical project milestones are achieved.

Once conceived, our engineering department works hand-in-hand with the design staff to bring your project to life. As a result, construction and/or set-up prints are a standard part of any project we undertake.

Custom Fabrication & Refurbishment
When you want an environment that is uniquely yours, consider our Custom Exhibit Fabrication Services. If our designers can envision it, we can build it. Or if it's refurbishment of properties you need, we can do that, too. Either way, we utilize only the highest quality materials and construction equipment, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Graphic Design & Production
When it comes to positioning and branding, it's essential that your graphics communicate the message accurately and effectively, as well as provide aesthetic visual appeal. And because of this, we use the latest technology and processes to ensure your graphic content is flawlessly executed, and all corporate branding guidelines and requirements are met.

We believe that shipping your properties requires more personal time and attention than simply getting it to its destination. Instead, we carefully examine the details of your situation, as well as shipping needs for upcoming shows, and then coordinate the appropriate logistical scenario for your organization. By doing this, we are able to secure the best possible delivery method and cost-efficient pricing solution to match your specifications.

Installation & Dismantle Labor
To best meet your I&D needs, we have strategically aligned ourselves with one of the largest labor companies in the country, and this partnership will permit us to gain access to the best labor crews in each city—all while delivering the best possible prices to you. When it comes to quality and consistency, you shouldn't have to make concessions. And when we're coordinating your labor needs, we won't.

Show Site Supervision
If additional assurance and support is requested during your booth's installation, we will be there to facilitate a smooth and seamless execution. During this process, we will work closely with the I&D labor team to discuss and coordinate any relevant issues that might merit attention during dismantle. Even in our absence, we'll ensure you're in good hands.

Show Service Planning
Whatever show service needs you have, whether they are planned for or last minute—we've got you covered. We'll work with you to coordinate the proper and timely placement of all service orders prior to the show, as well as accommodate any on-site needs, changes, or problems that might arise during the event.

Storage of Properties
In addition to our ability to house your booth properties on-site, we are also pleased to announce warehouse storage capabilities through our strategic partners. Because they have warehouses located all across the country, we can easily assist you with any last-minute changes, additions, or repairs to your booth—regardless of location—while attending a tradeshow. And for logistical reasons, this also works to save you money by offering the ability to store your properties at any of their facilities between shows, rather than shipping your materials back and forth across the country.

International Capabilities
Any place. Any time zone. Anywhere in the world. Fusion Creative is poised to meet the demands of your international tradeshow program.

With global marketing initiatives becoming an ever-increasing part of today’s business world, we recognize the critical nature of such branding strategies. At Fusion, we know the importance of trusted international resources to seamlessly execute your every need, and that is why we’ve aligned ourselves with strategic partners who are committed to servicing your tradeshow requirements abroad as accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively as we do here at home. Whether it’s London or Las Vegas…across the country or across the pond…Fusion has your passport to success.

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