I would highly recommend Fusion Creative.

It has been my pleasure to work with the Fusion Creative team and Alan Kloor over the past several years. We were not happy with the service that we were receiving from a different trade show provider when we reached out to Alan. He and his team members go out of their way to try to accommodate our unique needs being that we are part of a global company.
The Fusion teams’ communication with our marketing staff is consistent and timely. They are very quick to respond when we need anything regarding our trade shows or otherwise. Alan is great at keeping the l&D team on task to maximize your budgets spend.

Consistently, we are provided with quality setup and tear down, even with our more complex machinery, etc. I would highly recommend Fusion Creative for any of your future trade shows because he certainly does a good job for Staubli. 

Jan Abel
Senior Marketing-Communications Manager North America

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