Case Studies

Best Manufacturing Booth

Learn how we helped Best Manufacturing create a modern yet conservative booth design.

This booth had to encompass both present day exhibit standards while maintaining it's integrity to a predominantly medical and industrial based target market.

Flowers Foods 2009 Booth

When creating this booth it was vital that product and brand-based imagery be used in concert with product display kiosks as the focus of the booth, but room for a dedicated storage area and private conference space must also exist.

The challenge was how to physically incorporate the numerous exhibit components needed into a 20' x 30' space without resulting in a crowded booth environment.

Mettler Toledo 2006

Our objective was to create a clean, modern, custom rental exhibit that seeks to position Mettler-Toledo as the leader in Product Inspection machines at Pack Expo 2006.

Sidel Inc 2006

We created a custom rental exhibit that confirms Sidel’s leadership and mastery of plastic packaging solutions at the 2006 International Plastics Showcase.

A specific focus on their liquid food bottling solutions and five Product Brands was critical to the design, as well as space allocation for their machines to be displayed.

Sidel Inc Permanent Installation

We constructed a permanent showroom and training environment at Sidel’s North American headquarters which featured replicas of some booth components seen at Pack Expo 2008.

The area, itself, needed to be approximately 3,000 sq ft in size in order to accommodate the desired mix of Sidel’s machinery, audio visual components, product display modules and corporate-based graphics and identity.

Visa 2012

Create two 20' x 20' custom rental exhibits that feature innovative, technology-inspired designs while possessing an open and inviting feel.

Since these booths were directly across the aisle from one another, it was vital that they share a common structural arrangement to visually communicate their coexistence within the company, yet also display unique characteristics to identify them as singular entities within the overall organization.

Eagle Product Inspection

See how we designed a custom rental solution that captured the essence of Eagle’s newly rebranded corporate logo and color palette within a creative, yet functional, exhibit space.

Also important, however, was the need to effectively communicate the company’s product and service offerings while demonstrating the capabilities of the machinery on display.

Kimberly Clark

Our objective was to create a conservative, yet sleek, booth design which promoted Kimberly-Clark as an innovator and industry leader in the production of surgical-based devices and protective apparel products.

To achieve this, the design had to permit ample room for product display, an educational presentation/theater area, audio visual elements and graphic representation.


We designed custom rental exhibit which promotes RockTenn’s status as America’s leading pizza box maker.

The ability to display a variety of pizza boxes and food service packaging was also critical to showcase their custom graphics and printing capabilities.

Sidel Inc 2008

For 2008 our objective was to create a custom rental exhibit to highlight Sidel’s “green” initiatives and business practices, with a specific emphasis on how its machines provide sustainable packaging solutions to their customers. The challenge within this booth design was how

to successfully incorporate the physical exhibit needs Sidel required in a tradeshow environment while, simultaneously, creating a stimulating and educational experience for booth visitors.


Our objective was to create a custom rental exhibit featuring dedicated areas for educational sessions, product demonstrations and semi-private meetings within a streamlined, open floor plan.

The design and setting needed to be a functional, comfortable one as an off- the-show-floor Hospitality Suite would exist for formal, high-level meetings. Provisions for noise control and storage were also critical requests.

Flowers Foods 2014 Booth

We designed a 30' x 40' custom rental exhibit to promote two (2) distinct product lines within Flowers Foods.

The needs for exhibition were identical, but each division’s area must reflect its own unique brand identity.

Mettler Toledo 2012

We designed a custom rental exhibit which brought an equal balance to client equipment and the necessary structural components while prominently communicating Mettler-Toledo’s business offerings.

Given the critical need for visitors to immediately understand what the company does, a “WOW” factor must exist to grab their attention and draw them into the booth to learn more about Mettler- Toledo, its sub-brands and technologies.


Our objective was to design and construct a custom exhibit to introduce SHOWA’s rebranded name and corporate image during NSC 2014.

It was vital that we craft a design solution which communicated their status as the leading manufacturer of hand protection products while demonstrating their new, innovative and forward-thinking approach.

Sidel Inc 2010

We created a custom rental exhibit that positions Sidel as the leader in innovative and eco-focused bottling machinery/solutions at Pack Expo 2010.

To achieve this, the proper mix of product & service displays, graphic elements and video presentation must exist to truly tell Sidel’s story—all while serving as part of an aesthetically-pleasing and educational booth environment.

Visa 2015

Our custom rental exhibit space for Visa integrates multiple Demo stations, dedicated reception and storage areas, lounge seating and audio visual elements into a comfortable, engaging booth setting.

This booth would serve as a companion to another exhibitor, Authorize.Net, and both would reside within the same 20' x 60' run of carpet.