Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

What services can Fusion Creative provide to my company?

Fusion offers a comprehensive range of service options that are designed to meet the needs of any marketing budget—large or small. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Account & Project Management
  • Engineering & CAD Drawings
  • Custom Exhibit Fabrication & Refurbishment
  • Exhibit Design
  • Graphic Design & Production
  • Transportation
  • Installation & Dismantle Labor
  • Show Site Supervision
  • Show Service Planning
  • Warehouse Storage of Properties
  • International Tradeshow Coordination & Management

For a complete description of these service offerings, please visit the What We Do/Services page.

How much can I expect to pay for your services?

Although there is no single answer we can provide to offer a cost for our services, we can definitively say that our customers have reported an average of 15-30% cost savings on their tradeshow program since becoming a Fusion client. When it comes to money, we know talk is cheap. And unlike some others in our industry, we’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. If it’s proof you want—we’ve got it. Just ask, and you shall receive.

Unfortunately, our inability to provide an immediate answer is due to several factors. First, show services costs are dictated by show management & the show’s general contractor and vary from one show to another. Second, transportation rates are calculated by the size & weight of the properties being shipped, the distance they must travel and how quickly they must be transported to their destination. And third, I&D labor rates vary from city to city based on demographics and union-regulated guidelines. As a  result, there is no way to determine the cost of such services without knowledge of these criteria.

What we can tell you, however, is that Fusion will partner with your organization—right from the start—to establish your economic capabilities for each project, and will work diligently to keep the project lifecycle on track, on time and on budget. Since we seek to operate as an extension of your business, we will notify you as soon as possible about any unforeseen issues or changes to project scope. Most importantly, we will always look at your project’s “big picture” to determine the best course of action in achieving your goals and objectives successfully, as well staying true to your budgetary limitations. And in doing this, quality and cost-efficiency are our primary concern.

Please visit the Our Theory page to discover how Fusion can help maximize your tradeshow budget while minimizing unnecessary expenses.

What sets Fusion apart from other exhibit houses? Why should my company choose Fusion over one of its competitors?

t’s no secret that there are plenty of exhibit houses available to handle the needs of your business. But availability doesn’t translate into capability when it comes to getting the job done. Or, more importantly, getting it done right. At Fusion, we know the difference. And we pride ourselves on our proven ability to successfully execute our clients’ needs—not just the capacity to talk a good game.

Although we aren’t the biggest player in the business, nor have we been around the longest, we think that’s a good thing. Why? Because we don’t believe in the status quo or doing things just so you can say that you do them. We are a service provider to a creative industry…and we welcome the opportunity to deliver creative solutions. Fresh ideas coupled with a practical approach to business. That’s our mantra—and that doesn’t come from cookie-cutter thinking. At Fusion, your company isn’t just another name on our client roster. And once we get your business, we won’t forget to appreciate the fact that we earned it. So personal attention will always come without saying. Ultimately, we believe in innovation, not imitation, and encourage you to embrace the power of change.

To learn more about our mission as a company and the benefits we can offer to yours, please visit the Who We Are page.

My company’s tradeshow schedule includes a mix of small and large shows. Is Fusion Creative capable of coordinating our entire range of needs?

Absolutely! At Fusion, we believe no project is too big or small. Many of our clients’ tradeshow programs incorporate the use of portable properties at smaller shows and traditional custom properties at the large shows they attend. Either way, client-owned or Fusion rental properties can be used to create the presence desired for each show, and any combination of services you might need can also be coordinated. Although we are fully equipped to be your single-source tradeshow services provider, we’ll partner with your organization to custom-tailor a program specific to your wants and needs. Whether it’s one aspect of your company’s program or the entire lot, Fusion will create a custom solution just for you.

Please visit the What We Do page to learn more about our capabilities and approach.

How can rental properties be utilized in my organization’s tradeshow program? What is the benefit of their use?

For many companies, the inclusion of rental properties in their tradeshow marketing strategy has become a popular option in recent years, and there are various benefits to using such components. For small companies whose annual tradeshow marketing budget is limited, portable rental solutions offer a professional-looking, yet cost-efficient, alternative to ownership. If you are a company who owns your booth properties, however, rental components can serve as an excellent means of supplementing your existing booth design to create a fresh, new—yet consistent—look from show to show. Finally, if your company only exhibits at a handful of shows each year, but has a large presence at the shows you attend, Fusion’s custom rental program is a perfect way to showcase your organization’s product or service offerings in a unique manner—each and every time. Much like clients who use our rental properties to supplement their existing display, we will create a design solution that meets your corporate branding guidelines, but offers an innovative look from show to show. And by not owning your properties, you eliminate the expenses of booth storage and refurbishments that will need to happen over time.

To learn more about Fusion’s custom rental solutions and how we’ve been able to create inviting tradeshow environments through their use, please visit the Custom Rentals page.

How will I know how much a project is going to cost my company? What if the needs of the project change?

As previously mentioned, it is difficult to accurately estimate projects if we don’t have the proper information to do so. However, when such resources are available, we will provide you with a project estimate based on the criteria and needs you’ve specified to date. If changes to the project scope arise, we will revise plans accordingly and notify you as soon as possible about any financial adjustments that are necessary as a result. Or, if something unforeseen happens from our end, we’ll handle it in the exact same manner. When it’s all said and done, our invoice will only reflect the actual work performed and services rendered. What we quote is what you pay, and you’ll be aware of all project costs upfront. If any surprises come your way, rest assured—they’ll be good ones.

To learn more about Fusion’s commitment to quality and integrity in its business practices, please visit the What We Do page.

My company owns various booth properties, but storage space at our facility is limited. Does Fusion have warehousing capabilities? If so, how much will it cost to store our properties? How will my inventory be maintained?

Because Fusion is a full-service provider of tradeshow & exhibit solutions, we recognize the critical need for on-site warehousing of our clients’ booth components. As a result, we have approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space dedicated specifically for this purpose, and its on-location status affords us the opportunity to access your properties much faster and easier than competitive organizations who merely offer off-site storage capabilities. Whether you have a last minute pull and ship request or a simple inquiry about your display components, our on-site access enables us to provide the immediate response you need.

Since costs associated with the storage of booth properties are directly tied to the amount of cubic feet they occupy, we cannot provide a blanket storage rate. However, Fusion warehouse storage fees average $.15 per cubic foot and are assessed on a bi-annual basis.

Finally, upon the initial inbound inspection of your booth properties, a detailed inventory report will be generated which documents all items received and the physical condition of each piece. From there, a separate shipping manifest will be created for each outgoing shipment and the process is reversed upon their return. If any damage is incurred while away at a show, we will note this during the post-show inbound inspection. An estimate to repair noted damage/loss will also be provided detailing the cost(s) associated with correcting such damage. If all properties return intact and in good condition, they will then be returned to their designated area within our warehouse racking system.

Please visit the Services page to learn more about Fusion’s storage capabilities and service offerings.

We currently own our booth properties, but are interested in building some new components to accompany our existing design. Can Fusion help? What if some properties simply require refurbishment work to be done?

Whether you desire a new, custom-built, booth design or mere refurbishment work on your existing properties, Fusion is fully equipped to meet the demands of any fabrication needs you might have. Most construction projects are coordinated within our on-site workshop, but we do rely on specialty contractors, from time to time, to ensure the best possible quality and end results are provided. Either way, only the highest quality materials and equipment will be used to address your project needs, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

For more information about our custom fabrication and refurbishment services, please visit the Services page.