Revolutionizing your business isn’t rocket science. It’s just Fusion.  

Fusion Creative was founded on one easy-to-understand premise: Deliver the most innovative designs, at affordable prices, with the least amount of hassle.

As a full-service event marketing firm, Fusion brings a unique perspective to the landscape of face-to-face marketing. Simply put, we believe a back-to-basics mentality is exactly what this industry needs, and we’re here to deliver just that.

And although our name might suggest otherwise, delivering solid creative concepts that help build your business doesn’t have to be a complex process. After all, fusion is the act of merging different elements into a union, and that’s exactly what we do. We combine artistic form with functional space to create flawless design.

It really can be that simple.


For years, I have witnessed exhibit houses charge their clients excessive fees and I’ve always felt that the work could be done better and more cost-efficiently. By eliminating the unnecessary in-house policies and procedures that can bog down our competitors’ project lifecycles, we are able to pass these savings on to our customers. Basically, it just comes down to a smarter way of doing business.

— Alan Kloor
Fusion Creative, LLC

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